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NARROW - From DIY With Love

(2xC30 professionally duplicated audio-cassettes, silkscreened blue and white shells, in jewel case with printed inlay, lim. ed. of 100 hand-numbered copies

UMRIJETI ZA STROJEM is a project by prolific Croatian artist Sol Ist, who is already known to TREUE UM TREUE followers as one half of the band NARROW. Most of the project’s output so far has only been available in very confidential CDR editions – with the notable exception of the split 7” with NEITHER NOR released in 2010 on GENETIC MUSIC.

"Ponavljanje je majka ucˇenja" (translating as "Repetitio est mater studiorum" /"Repetition is the mother of study") is the first retrospective by UMRIJETI ZA STROJEM directed at a larger audience. It collects the project’s entire recording history from late 2006 up to 2012, and consists of not one, but several releases on different formats. 

The first is a CD released earlier this year on Croatian cult label Slusˇaj Najglasnije!, gathering collaborations, remix works and isolated pieces. The second is this double cassette, which contains all original material by USZ released on limited CDRs over the years.

Tape 1 presents "Pogled u nefašizam", USZ’s first mini-album from 2011 (also featuring gorgeous contributions from close friends ZAGROB and former Narrow associate ROBI) and tape II consists of all official 3" singles.

Musically, USZ delivers a chiselled, melodious but still minimal form of electro-wave, like the perfected jewel for which NARROW was the raw stone. The influence of electronic noise is still there but has receded somehow to make room fore a more emotional sound, which allows for both cool, efficient beats and warm undercurrents, and builds the perfect setting for Sol Ist's deep, unmistakable voice.

TAPE I: Pogled u nefasizam

Side A
A1 - Izvan struje mp3
A2 - Emisije u zrak
A3 - Crno-bijelo-sivo mp3
A4 - Prekid programa mp3
Side B
B1 - Epizode
B2 - Vidim bijela polja

TAPE II: The Singles

Side C
C1 - Strana A
C2 - Varijacija na temu B
C3 - Strano tijelo mp3
C4 - Plava pjesma mp3
C5 - Odnosi s javnoscu
Side D
D1 - Opasna ljeta mp3
D2 - U revijalnom tonu
D3 - Strana A (re-evaluacija) mp3
D4 - Izvan struje
D5 - Jednostavno

(audio extracts on this page are in low quality)