12-inch LP, candy pink vinyl - lim. edition of 319 hand-numbered copies

Mission terminated. Coming full circle after the “Todas las primeras Cosas” DLP released a couple of months ago, TREUE UM TREUE now presents the long-awaited, long-overdue last NOVY SVET album. But do not expect here the Bohemian Combat Folk or Mediterranean Neo-Cabaret which have become the band’s trademark, because as wilful and unpredictable today as they ever were, NOVY SVET deliver with this last opus what might also be the biggest tour de force of their career: “Todas las últimas cosas” is an uncompromising, all-electronic minimal wave opus, quite unlike everything even the hard-core fans will have heard from the band before… An album which would fit more appropriately in the “flexi-pop” than in the “post-industrial” section of your record-shelves, along with DARK DAY, INERTIA, NJURMÄNNEN and ENDE SCHNEAFLIET, or PIERRE NORMAL to name a more contemporary band… And yet J. WEBER’s unmistakable sweet-sour Spanish vocals are still here and there’s much to bet they will stick in your head even more than they ever did. 100% electro, 100% NOVY SVET: the Viennese band seal their career with a flourish.

Side A
A1 - Burial in Barna
A2 - Todo por ti mp3
A3 - Mis noches
A4 - Rosas rojas mp3

Side B
B1 - Hijos de... mp3
B2 - Jeanne Ov Arc mp3
B3 - Hasta aquí mp3
B4 - Solo los solos
B5 - Passed Out

(audio extracts on this page are in low quality)