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KITAI KAITAKUSEN - "1999-2011" (rur024)
3MC box set
(3x C90 professionally duplicated audio cassettes in album-case with inlay+ insert, 2 buttons, surgical face mask and hazardous waste bag )
lim. ed. of 50 hand-numbered copies

Operator X and Vlad 3000 have been making music in almost complete anonymity for the past 14 years with only one credo: uncompromised dedication to the monotony and simplicity of loops and frequencies. Inspired by the obscure soundtracks of 70s and 80s zombie and post-nuke flicks, the duo blends minimal analogue noise-loops, distorted radio waves and tape manipulation to give shape to their endless eschatological obsessions in best DIY fashion, and with a straightforwardness that many bands have claimed, but few really abide by. Reue um Reue is happy to present their long-overdue first official release, a selection of pieces spanning the past decade. 270 minutes of apocalyptic live home-recordings, only for the die-hard!


A01 - Chernobyl I mp3
A02 - Gasfront A IV
A03 - Global Trend Report B VII mp3
A04 - Phoenix X
A05 - Global Trend Report B VIII mp3
A06 - Phoenix XVI
A07 - Gasfront A III
A08 - Bunker VIII
A09 - Chernobyl VI mp3
A10 - Phoenix II
B01 - Global Trend Report B II mp3
B02 - Phoenix IV mp3
B03 - Bunker XIII
B04 - Bunker XIV
B05 - Factory Walk I mp3


C01 - Chernobyl V
C02 - Harrisburg I mp3
C03 - Phoenix VI
C04 - Fukushima II mp3
C05 - Apocalypse A V
C06 - C16 II mp3
C07 - Apocalypse B II
C08 - Factory Tape B V mp3
D01 - Chernobyl VII
D02 - Harrisburg VI mp3
D03 - Fukushima III
D04 - Fukushima IV
D05 - Phoenix VIII mp3
D06 - Hagal 69
D07 - Factory Tape B IX
D08 - Harrisburg VII
D09 - Frequency Nox I


E01 - Endzeit I mp3
F01 - Endzeit II mp3

(audio extracts on this page are in low quality)