7" EP - black vinyl - in cardboard fold-out sleeve - lim. edition of 96 hand-numbered copies

HIS DIVINE GRACE and the notorious DITTERICH VON EULER-DONNERSPERG present the first volume in a series of electronic JOHANN-SEBASTIAN BACH interpretations on REUE UM REUE. The inimitable voice of EULER DONNERSPERG reading parts of Also sprach Zarathustra and the messianic switched-on-Bach drones of Moonchild Erik almost shed a Christian light on the "born to be sick" and definitely "born too late" anti-philosopher. A piece of heaven only for the chosen few... Amen!

Side A
"Es kommt die Zeit des verächtlichsten Menschen..."
BWV 0727 - Herzlich tut mich verlangen (06:29) mp3

Side B
BWV 1009 - Suite n°3, prelude
"Ehemals war alle Welt irre..." (06:34) mp3

(audio extracts on this page are in low quality)