(C41, professionally duplicated tape, lim. ed. 60)

Have you ever wondered what black metal would sound like if it were made by a bunch of flower-loving fairies, forest-worshipping trolls and beneficent elves? Then you'll have to listen to BEHEAT GORUM DE MENTHEURD, another brainchild of the indefatigable Ricky Zeta’s, who already released the beautiful SCHNEE / MADR ER MOLDAR AUKI split on Just Another Winter last year. Bewitching the Syntorchestra, charming the Bontempi, spellbinding the strings and infusing the whole with feeble moon-invocating howls, Ricky created a work of magic, both lilting and sorrowful, darkly sweet and genuinely emotional. Villissä Pohjolassa is a must-have for those into VARGHKOGHARGASMAL, CINTECELE DIAVOLUI, STRIBORG and TYNDALL (!!!).

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jaw08 / rur036
(C60, professionally duplicated tape, lim. ed. 50)

SCHNEE and M.E.M.A. are side-projects of the Italian BM act ENSOMHET 777 (aka Riccardo Z.). M.E.M.A. focuses on warm Tohmetian soundscapes mixed with Cylobian IDM, while SCHNEE is both colder and more personal (the first track, a requiem for Riccardo’s beloved dog Koki, is a masterpiece of icy, lonely sadness), but does come back to distorted guitars in the end with the black-gaze eponymous last track. This split is the final epitaph of both projects, and the perfect companion for dark winter evenings of outside coldness and inner warmth - or is it the other way round?

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jaw07 / rur031
(10", black vinyl, lim. ed. 198)

The Barcelonan horde around S. Méndez departs from the psychedelic post-industrial realm to descend into post-BM and occult-rock darkness, haunted by feeble screams, howling choirs and Méndez’ unmistakable ritualistic invocations. Grim blackened buzz riffs merge with laptop glitches, Tomhetian synthesizers and the occasional Allerseelean loops and beats. Blood sacrifice muzak at its best.

Out now • 15,- Euro (exclusive p+p)
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(C60, professionally duplicated tape, lim. ed. 66)

Long overdue anthology of VARULV, the BM project by Morne (aka LaMort aka Laszlo PS from WERMUT). Includes all the tracks recorded under this moniker from 2003 to 2008. Mournful black fuzz, feeble screams, never ending tomhetian synth drones... and all over depressive!

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(C60, profesionally duplicated tape, lim. ed. 77)

A unique first longplayer by a thoroughly unique and enigmatic band, delievering a tearful, anxious and grim burlesque chamber black metal with mediterranea and combat folk undercurrents. The blackened bohemian lament or Estaquean BM at its best...

Out now • 8,5 Euro (exclusive p+p)
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SOLAR SKELETONS "Frozen Jail Of Reversed Demons"
(LP, black vinyl, with insert, lim. ed. 200)

The Skeletons are unleashed again, this time plunging into the dismal fogs of Dantesque blackened drone buzzadelics. Both haunting and transcending, harrowing and angelic, the "Frozen Jail Of Reversed Demons" is a monumental blend of post black metal fuzzscapes and eerie cello and synthesizer drones.

Out now • 14 Euro (exclusive p+p)
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PROCER VENEFICUS "How The Heather Moonlit Shivers"
(DLP, clear red vinyl, lim. ed. 406)

JAW is very proud to present the long awaited first vinyl release of the unchallenged master of acoustic fog music. "How The Heather Moonlit Shivers" is the bleakest PROCER VENEFICUS to date : yet the unmistakable nebular ambiance remains, the darkest of night with all its swirling ghosts seems to close in on the listener and urges the trembling hand to finally switch on the light.

Out now • 20 Euro (exclusive p+p)
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NOTRE DESSEIN "Comme Une Mer De Verre"
(LP, black vinyl, lim. ed. 212)

Here cometh JUST ANOTHER WINTER's second offering, the "no drums" depressive BM solo-project of LaMort (DE GRÂCE, WERMUT, IWIK). Widely inspired by the Revelation of St John, "Comme Une Mer De Verre" takes the listener on a profoundly desolate and breathtaking prophetic journey to the end of times. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith...

Out now • 15 Euro (exclusive p+p)
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jaw01 / rur013
(Split-LP, black vinyl, lim. ed. 315)

After 11 years in the bleak realm of magick electronics. Moonchild Erik moves to the desolate woods of ambient post-black-metal. Exit HIS DIVINE GRACE, enter Erik's new project DE GRÂCE, featuring LaMort on chords and vocals. REUE UM REUE and LaMort's label JUST ANOTHER WINTER join forces to celebrate the transition, in the shape of a split LP between the dying and the newly-born.

Out now • 13 Euro (exclusive p+p)
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AQUARIUS on „PROCER VENEFICUS – How The Heather Monnlit Shivers“
„A brand new, sprawling collection of celestial darkness and buzzing black ambient drift from this black metal / black ambient master. As we've mentioned in the past, more often than not, PV will dedicate a whole record to either side of his sonic personality, sometimes it's a disc of swirling and dense blackened black metal buzz, other times it's gorgeously bleak and minimal ambient dronemusic, but in both cases, the man behind Procer Veneficus is able to conjure up gorgeously sinister sounds and nightmarish atmospheres, be they buzz or drift, blast or shimmer.
How The Heather Moonlit Shivers, is, as the legend on the back of the record makes clear, "Dedicated to Her", and judging from the black sonic mystery within, the 'Her' in question either broke his heart, or is the object of a seriously grim obsession, or both. Extended stretches of layered black drift, Philip Jeck style crackly loopscapes, muted subterranean pulses, thick swaths of distorted crumble, processed ghostly vox, swirling soft focus effects, minor key steel string folk dirges, keening streaks of fragmented melody underpinning slowed down voices, haunting reverb drenched avant Appalachia gives way to abject post industrial black ambience, which gives way to dense clouds of low end bellow, laced with melancholic finger picked acoustic guitars.
Elsewhere thick walls of guitarbuzz dirge lumber and throb, but are infused with subtle bits of melody, transformed from brute force crush into something moody and soothing and beautiful, while spidery guitars wrap their tendrils around long stretches of layered voices and alien harmonies, while here and there, fragments of voice, or a bit of guitar, will be doused in reverb and echo and delay and sent spinning into the aether, creating a dizzying looped out dronescape.
The record closes with a 10+ minute interpretation of an Amber Asylum song, complete with strings, the strings along with languid steel string guitars, and swirling ambient background shimmer create a sort of droney, depressive otherworldly chamber music. There's also an Espers cover (a cover of a cover oddly enough), which is equally beautiful, but a bit more tripped out, a sort of druggy heavily effected space folk, but both covers fit perfectly amidst the equally evocative and hauntingly beautiful PV originals.
Folks who ONLY like the black metal side of Procer Veneficus, may be disappointed, but anyone into mysterious dark soundscapes, cinematic blackened drone music, and creepy sinister black folk, will be immediately and inexorably ensorcelled.
Packaged in a super swank and thick matte finish gatefold jacket, pressed on thick red vinyl, LIMITED TO 406 COPIES, each one hand numbered.“ 

" (...) Alle zu vernehmende Tonkunst auf “How The Heather Moonlit Shiver” besticht durch Komplexität wie tief beeindruckende Atmosphären, welche ab der ersten Sekunde einfangen und langsam aber sicher in den hypnotischen Zustand herüberführen. Formidabel kombiniert der Amerikaner akustische Gitarren- & Violinentonspuren mit synthetischen Ambientpassagen, die meistens über einen ausgeprägten Dronecharakter verfügen, wodurch das Album eine gewisse Dichte & Schwere erhält, welche an gewissen Stellen erdrücken mag. Ein weiteres Ohrenmerk sollte auf der wenig variablen aber eindrucksvollen Stimme von Derek W. Schultz liegen, die die bedrohlichen & zeitweise rituellen Soundcapes hervorragend unterstreichen. (...) Derek W. Schultz “serviert” uns mit seinem Projekt Procer Veneficus auf  “How The Heather Moonlit Shiver” puren Wahnsinn, der meiner Ansicht nach ein heißer Anwärter auf die Platte des Jahres 2010 ist und Individuen gefallen dürfte, die das absolut Besondere suchen, das eine unbändige Faszination besitzt, welche einfängt und nie wieder loslässt – meine absolute Empfehlung!“

KULTURTERRORISMUS on „NOTRE DESSEIN– Comme une mer de verre“
„Mit dem Release “Comme Une Mer De Verre” von Notre Dessein, kredenzt das noch junge Sublabel Just Another Winter einen echten Black Metal Leckerbissen, der die Bösartigkeit des Old Schools mit der Erhabenheit des Ambients zu einer ergreifenden Symbiose vereint – meine absolute Kaufempfehlung! Auch engstirnige Old School Black Metaller sollten mal eine Hörprobe wagen, um sicht nicht ein Szenehighlight entgehen zu lassen!“